Signing a lease in Massachusetts

When you find an apartment that you love, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and rush into signing a lease. But before you do, it’s important to get answers to some key questions that could end up being the difference between loving where you live, and wishing you were living some place else. Ask your Rental Beast agent to help you get the answers to these six questions before signing a lease. Rental Beast agents are knowledgeable about renting apartments in Boston and surrounding areas, so they are a good resource for questions about rental leases and other topics.
1. What does the rent include? Off-street parking? Heat? Utilities?
There is no right or wrong way for a landlord to handle utilities. The important thing is that you are aware if utilities will be something you have to pay in addition to the monthly rent.
2. What apartment features are provided?
The value of a rental goes up if it includes extras like laundry facilities (in the unit or in the building), dishwasher, refrigerator, additional storage, roof access etc.
3. What is the energy source for heating the apartment?
There can be a big cost difference between oil, gas and electric heat.
4. Where is the closest public transportation and what are the local parking laws?

5. Who will be the contact person once I am a tenant?
(Be sure to get their email and emergency contact information)
6. Can I walk through the apartment with the landlord/agent immediately prior to moving in to see the condition of the apartment?
A lot can happen when a previous tenant moves out. Make sure you don’t get blamed for damage you are not responsible for.