Porter Square
Often overshadowed by the livelier squares like Harvard or Davis, Porter Square has its own charm and appeal. Porter Square residents have the luxury of being on the red line train without the bother of crowds or noise pollution. Porter is appealing to students, young professionals, and families alike. The center of Porter has two gyms, a hardware store, a major supermarket, a dry cleaners, a book store and a wide array of restaurants. Porter Square highlights include Porter Square Books (which includes Café Zing), Toad (where you can hear live bands every night of the week), and Stellabella Toys. The Porter Square Exchange on Massachusetts Avenue houses some of Lesley University’s campus, as well as a cluster of small Japanese restaurants. Further down Mass Ave. towards Harvard Square are a number of various independent boutiques, restaurants, and cafés. Porter is situated between Cambridge and Somerville and is walking distance from both Davis Square and Harvard Square. Porter is located on the red line train and is about a twenty minute commute into downtown Boston. The commuter rail and numerous bus lines also run from Porter Square Station.
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